Italian worksheets for beginners printable PDF


Below is a collection of free printable worksheets covering Italian vocabulary. All of the worksheets are in PDF format for easy printing. New printables are always being added -- check back soon!


New technologies offer great benefits to language learners. However, it is not always easy to study in front of a computer. Sometimes studying on printed paper in comfortable situations can be more pleasant, such as under a shade tree or on a beach.
But can you learn italian on paper without renouncing the benefits of technology?
These PDF worksheets have been created for this reason. The printable format in PDF allows you to get a good print quality and then to learn italian without using the computer. But for not to make you give up the advantages offered by technology, QR codes have been inserted on the sheets. This will allow you to listen to the audio in Italian and practice with flashcards through the use of the smartphone. In this way, beginner students will be able to quickly assimilate a large number of common Italian words.
If you have never used a QR code, try reading this article for android or this for iphone.



Italian vocabulary flashcards system

The flashcards system is very effective for quickly memorizing the italian vocabulary. It can be free accessed without having an account. However, you should sign up for a free account, as each exercise is stored and the system automatically shows you the more recurring wrong words, making the exercise much more effective. To register:



Types of PDF worksheets

italian printable worksheetsThere are three different types of worksheets
1) association text - image, identifiable with (I) after the title. It is a series of images with the respective name in Italian. See this example
2) association text - diagram, identifiable with (D) - Single image with different parts named in Italian and English. See this example
3) association text - text, identifiable with (T). A simple list of words in Italian on a thematic area translated into English. See this example.

Below there is a collection of worksheets divided into categories





Human Body (D) | Parts of Face  (D)Physical Characteristics  (I)Clothing (I) | Clothing2  (D)Family(T)




Crafts (I) | Professions (I) | Job (T) |Daily routine (I)| Work tools  (I) | Healthcare (I) | Bank and Finance (T) |

Travel and tourism

Hotel (T) | Transport (I) | Car (T)| Part of Car (D) | Driving (T) | Route (T) | Airport (D)Train and bus (T) |


Farm animals  (I) | Wild animals (I) | Insects (I) | Birds (I) | Animal body parts (I)


Main Food (I) | Fruits (I) | Vegetables (I) | Herbs and spices (I)


Part of the house (D) |Exteriors (I) | Interiors (I) | Badroom (I) | Kitchen tools (I)Domestic appliances (I)


Nature and Environment

Territory  (T) |Water (I) | Weather (T) |Landscapes (I) 

Free time

Musical Instruments (I) | On the beach (I) |


100 common verbs (T) | 100 common adjectives  (T) | most common irregular verbs (T) | Action verbs 1  (I) | Action verbs 2  (I) |Action verbs 3 (I)Action verbs 4 (I) | Action verbs 5 (I) | 



Italian Verb Tenses | Italian Definite Articles | Italian Indefinite Articles